by Lacroix Winget

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Dario Palomo
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Dario Palomo I fucking love all her songs. Not sure why, but love them all. ROCK ON! ;) Favorite track: Pear.
Aaron Davis
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Aaron Davis This recording continues to amaze me months into listening. It came at a time I was down and feeling lonely. I love it. I'm so glad I found you through the the bizarre set of chances and keep following your life. More music and art please! LOVE IT!!!
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This is a personal note, to leave some humanity laying about for the people who love me for my music, but the people who are not aware of my constant state of being or my day to day self.
This has been the hardest year that I have ever had to endure, next to the every day troubles that may have already driven me to insanity, I was heavy with death, abandonment, and hopelessness. Then out of the dust came you. Out of the nothingness that I believed was my music, you came. When my life was all gloom and doom you found me and lifted me back up; you have me a hope I can not let go of. It is because of all of you and the support of my friends that I keep going. I love every single one of you.

So thank You, but also, thank Ben for being the best dude and probably the only dude that I will ever enjoy recording with, my amazingly stellar friends who are always there to remind me there is hope, and that have stayed by me through this year: i adore you. THANK YOU


released December 26, 2014

All songs written and performed by Lacroix Winget except Good, which was written by Alex G. All songs recorded & mixed by Ben Scott-Brandt in November and December 2014 at the Wooden Womb in Grand Rapids, MI.



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Lacroix Winget Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Mark
Forget it,

I want to beat you to the punch, Done with this talk
I Want to beat my self

You felt real for a minute

Forget it

You're falling around blame it on the ground
You don't feel the same way

You felt real for a minute
Track Name: Ki
My cigarette goes out, I've got nothing worth talking about
you're always just hanging around
swish me around and spit me back down baby
you know its not what you do
and the L in the heart has turned into L for you

It's only me now.

Doesn't it feel wrong, when you're thinking of her
Purse your lips on the absence of the warmth of a different girl
It doesn't feel wrong but it doesn't feel like her
Rub the filth in your skin but the stink stays around and it's starting to burn

Turn back, it's only a bone
I am less like me when I am not alone
It's only me now.

You think you know where I belong
When the closest think to empathy is somewhere buried in your arm
Are you always falling around?
Trying to pick up the pieces of you scattered all around

It's only me now. It's only me now.
Track Name: Pear
We go back and forth, We will stay the same way
Falling around on what they say
Please don't be sad, but you will be anyway

Climb over the river, I'm all soggy, let me lay down
Stomp your feet, Bat my eyes, It's the same sound

It's just some dirt you couldn't rub out
Some thing you can't find, nothing to cry about
You've got it all wrong any way
I wont let them let you wash away

Climb over the river I'm all soggy let me lay down
Stomp your feet, Bat my eyes, It's the same sound

We go back and forth, But we will stay the same way
Track Name: Pink Tree
You never warned me about your bad dream
I took to much when you said you
Fell for me

I kept quiet on the left, you followed me back home
Stayed in my bed, I don't know
What went wrong

there's a pink tree where you need to be
there's a pink tree where you need to be with me
Track Name: Good
Bouncing on the bed you choked,
Something else you said,
It woke me up,
You stop, To talk, I look, For you,
Purple on your arm looks good,
Guess I'll Kiss the ceiling,
I think of you,
It takes a plan from hell to do this well,
Stay here, With me, It's what, You need.
Track Name: Wrong
Get off your phone, I want you to feel alone

You say you'll see me around

I'm fucking up now, I'm a kiss from a black cloud

I'll drag you to another one, I know it's not what you really want